Friday, August 5, 2011

Montessori Style Teaching

I really want to be able to teach Noah at home the way that he was learning before when he was at Koala Kids daycare.  A lot of the methods that they used there appealed to me.  So, I went online to see what I could find about sensory bins and activities that were life application activities, playing that was learning, etc.  I did a lot of research yesterday and a lot of the methods fall under montessori style learning/teaching.  I found a great website that I will be frequenting quite often (see HERE) and from there ping ponged all over the internet.  I learned so much in a matter of 2 hours (see, not all time on the internet is wasted) and I now probably need to find a way to use my excitement properly.

Today, we went to quite a few garage sales, and after reading about all the methods yesterday, the world of things opened up to me.  I found "sorting trays", fake money, a cash box, small stones, blocks, marbles, a pencil sharpener, and so much more.  I only spent $20 total (that included a small desk and a Mickey Mouse that Noah found) and we have such a good start!  I will have to definitely start honing in what our first "lessons" will be and I will need to arrange a "classroom".

I am putting this picture in here to bring up the question he asked..."Mom, are these humans, and what tray do they go in?!"
He did SO very good at sorting.  He was excited, I was proud.
Enjoy the pictures of all our fun finds and then I will post what type of kits or bins we make out of them.  I look forward to sharing our journey as part of this blog.  We will also have to find ways to make God a large focus as we learn.  More research will be needed.  :)