Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First time mom, again.

Why did it take seven weeks with the new baby to remember exactly what I already went through with the first baby?  My anxieties have been high with Charlotte as if I haven't ever had a baby before.  The other day I think I finally relaxed a little and just enjoyed my babies.  I posted on Facebook that some days are just for holding babies and playing with toddlers...and the house could wait.  Before that though here are some of my anxieties.

She has acid reflux.
She wasn't sleeping at night.
She has really bad baby acne.
We are involved in more church functions and I don't want to let anyone down.
I have another child that is four and NEEDS my attention.
My husband still needs clean white T-Shirts.
My house is cluttered and someone is coming over.
My coupon pile is out of control and my budget needs me to organize it.
Noah hasn't been to story hour with Mommie in weeks.
I can't go anywhere with Charlotte in the car seat that she hates and screams in the entire time.
Noah is having potty training issues again.

I have been thinking everything (with my high expectations) still needs to be perfect.

The house must be clean.
My son cannot just sit and watch TV when I am tired.
I need to figure out how to console Charlotte.
I need to have dinner on time and with every food group.
I have to put on mascara every day.
If Charlotte is crying she is dying, so I must hold her ALL day.
I should be doing my chores or something other than resting on the couch while both kids nap.
My husband works so hard, I can't ask him to put away the clothes I folded today.
My husband works so hard, I can't ask him to clean up the kitchen while I nurse.
My husband works so hard, I can't ask him to ... this list goes on and on.  I am blessed with a husband that actually taught me it was okay to say what I needed so I could focus on Charlotte's needs.
I should be doing my chores or something other than resting on the couch while both kids nap.

I then remembered an article I had read by a blogging mom that I follow.  You can read it HERE.  I also had an ah-ha moment when my mom asked how I was and I said, "Tired."  She matter of factually said, "Well, you should be."  She was right.  That was the reality, why think I shouldn't be?

In the spirit of that article I will give my thought of the day.  Perfection is overrated and love in action is underrated.  Christ loves us, imperfections and all.  He knows there will be days we are tired, he knows there are days we won't come to him with "clean t-shirts".  He knows there are days we won't have an entirely "clean house".

I love being a mom, imperfections and all.  Why was I thinking I wasn't perfect...for now?

Monday, May 21, 2012

A light bulb!!

Today, as I lie on the floor after finishing Yoga for Abs (I must needs strengthen my back again after this last little baby, and oddly enough the Abs DVD does it) I looked up to the ceiling (i before e, except after c, my brain is thinking while I type).  A couple different thoughts ran through my head at that moment.

"Wow!  We need to repaint the ceiling!" 

"There are a few cobwebs up there!" 

"Those plant hooks have been there since we moved in, and we haven't EVER used them!" 

Last, but not least my eyes settled on one object.  THE HIDEOUS LIGHT FIXTURE!  I have hated that fixture since we moved in (oh, yes....that was almost 6 years ago).  It is ruining the fantastic relaxed feeling that I have right now.  It has had a crack in it since we moved in.  Why haven't I tried to replace it with anything?  So, in my love of all things PINTEREST....I went on a search.  Here are a few photos that I like.  I probably should narrow it down.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Source: via April on Pinterest I searched I found one that I would LOVE for the kitchen at some point!


Source: via April on Pinterest

Well, I suppose now I need to go and finish being productive sorting out my coupons.