Monday, May 21, 2012

A light bulb!!

Today, as I lie on the floor after finishing Yoga for Abs (I must needs strengthen my back again after this last little baby, and oddly enough the Abs DVD does it) I looked up to the ceiling (i before e, except after c, my brain is thinking while I type).  A couple different thoughts ran through my head at that moment.

"Wow!  We need to repaint the ceiling!" 

"There are a few cobwebs up there!" 

"Those plant hooks have been there since we moved in, and we haven't EVER used them!" 

Last, but not least my eyes settled on one object.  THE HIDEOUS LIGHT FIXTURE!  I have hated that fixture since we moved in (oh, yes....that was almost 6 years ago).  It is ruining the fantastic relaxed feeling that I have right now.  It has had a crack in it since we moved in.  Why haven't I tried to replace it with anything?  So, in my love of all things PINTEREST....I went on a search.  Here are a few photos that I like.  I probably should narrow it down.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Source: via April on Pinterest I searched I found one that I would LOVE for the kitchen at some point!


Source: via April on Pinterest

Well, I suppose now I need to go and finish being productive sorting out my coupons. 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the first one and the other one in the same shape with the little bubbles on the sides.

The wood one looks to barn
the other..kinda like a brain...
and the jars I fear for life if iron man gets stuck in one.
:D I was so happy to have a break from crazy patients to read this.
love you