Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simpler Life a sign of the times?

Today the wind and snow are literally blowing SIDEWAYS! Olivia – You had better be happy out there in the sun!

So, I read an article about a couple that decides to leave the LA style and life and moved to Oregon. They are working on his parent’s farm and living in an Airstream trailer. Here is the link to the story if you are interested. I find it interesting, inspiring, and am almost envious at the same time. What would it be like to start over and not have all the bills…could we live in a smaller home without sacrificing too much quality, and could we do that now that we have a child? I don’t know…I really don’t think that Mike could. No offense to my husband or anything but I do not think he could live out of a trailer…or wait a second, maybe that is what he would love to do. Sometimes I feel like I am living up to the expectations of others and not just living how I would like to live, and I know that there are times he feels the same way…what would it be like to again just sit at a coffee shop with a cigarette and a book/paper? The idea is appealing because it used to be so relaxing, but the reality is that I wouldn’t sit there and smoke because now that I quit I know what life is like without it.

Let’s get back to the story. Living on a farm (always wanted to do that), cleaning out the stalls (always envisioned myself doing that) and getting to spend time away from all the electronic devices (oh, to have my husband back.) I could grow my own garden and we would have farm fresh eggs…Noah could just go out and play in the mud whenever he wanted to and I would spray him off with a hose. The dogs…wow….the dogs would just be in dog heaven. This sort of sounds like when we lived in the trailer in the country when I was little…chasing frogs and water snakes. I know…it sounds…charming, doesn’t it?

Could you do it? For those of you reading my blog, answer back. Let me know your thoughts. Read the article.


Carrie said...

Some days when I'm looking at all our junk, I sometimes wish we could have a fire. One that everyone is out safe and the important things (pictures etc.) are also safe. I totally know how you feel, but I'm not sure I could do it.

dani said...

uh, don't have to read the article. NO. hahaha. i'm a material girl through and through! SUCK.