Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

I also have been working on getting Noah's room ready to also accept little baby girl.  I want him to feel like I am doing as much for him as for the little one, so we took on a small little SUPER HERO project.  :)   Dollar Store picture frames, pictures printed out on card stock from the internet and a little spray paint (actually, in this case was just white primer) ...

 It was such a sunny day and with Noah's help (meaning he was staying busy swinging)...

Soon we will see them hung on the wall.  :)

Also,  let's just say my husband's favorite phrase right now is, "Nesting Much?!"  :)  So, yes...I have been re-organizing pretty much everything in this house.  The kitchen was this last week and I decided this time to take pictures.  I probably should have taken pictures of all the other projects I have been working on re-organizing as well!  :) 

Noah has been enjoying all of the open spaces my re-organizing has created...he has created his "headquarters" in quite a few cabinets.  Apparently one of them is now the sleeping bunk for his fire crew. 

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