Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Placemats


Melissa said...

These are super cute! I'm going to have to have my sister make them with me nieces!

Glad Noah is doing better and you are back at work btw
You were missed!

dani said...

April. I have a favor to ask and you may just be the only person I know who has the answer. FIRST-the placemats? ADORABLE! I am pretty sure I got the short stick on the creativity, I have, um. NONE. Ok, so, I put up my stockings this year and they were cute DECORATIVE ones from Crate & Barrel & my sweet husband informed me he'd rather have some where you can personalize the name... well, I want to KEEP my decorative ones and add the names and had no clue where to start... and THEN, i saw this post... you think your nifty machine could cut felt into letters?? :) HOLLA!