Saturday, October 25, 2008

Noah - Almost Walking

Good Morning to all...and I do mean morning because Mr. Noah does not know what a weekend is any different than what a weekday is. I am sure anyone that is a mom reading this knows what I mean when I say I dream of the days of sleeping in. To those that don't have children yet - don't. Okay, so we know I am joking...but just be aware that you will never sleep in again. Even when your husband says that he will get up with the will still be listening to see if he is doing everything right. Enough about that.

Noah is about to walk. He has taken random little steps by himself when he doesn't realize I let go, but not enough to say he is walking. He moves so quickly along the edges of things and cannot be trusted in the basement because if you turn around for a second he is up the stairs in a flash. He then turns around and tries to come down them face first...sliding.

He is also now trying to feed himself. We will be feeding him the cereal and his little stubby hand reaches out for the cute! Until...he won't let go of the spoon and slams his whole fist into the bowl of rice cereal. It's like he is creating a paper mache casing for himself...that is how it dries! :)

I will try to post some pictures on here of his eating exploits especially for G'ma and Gi after we go to the kids maze today at the U-Pick barn.

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