Thursday, October 9, 2008

Painting Over Faults to see Amazing Potential...

When you look at something and see all the faults, dings and black marks, what makes some be able to see the potential and others to walk away? We have been painting my sisters new house and by new house I mean new to her and quite old in many other ways. The basement was so destroyed - dirty carpet, walls paneled in the seventies or eighties, and a cement floor with dings and paint splattered on it. We have been painting it bit by bit and as we leave for a minute to catch a breath of fresh air and return it slowly becomes a whole new place. Tonight we made it to painting the floor and it's a beautiful new basement. Not only does it become a cleansed, brand new becomes her new home, her way. Not scary, dirty, destroyed, but fresh colorful and full of potential. She didn't walk away. She saw the potential and is taking that opportunity in her hands and not letting go. She isn't only taking the opportunity, but doing something about it. She isn't just walking past it and dreaming of what it could be. She is making it what she wants it to be...she is taking the potential she saw and making it the dream. Isn't it amazing what can happen when you look past the faults and see the beauty?


Nate and Jennifer said...

Yeah!!! I found your blog. It is super cute. Welcome to the world of blogging. It is pretty fun.

Melissa said...

Ok I started the retarded blog
Just wanted to share that with you
And I'm glad you wrote about your sisters house
it was good reading :)