Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cooking without White Flour...

Mike has been on this diet (mimicking the south beach diet) where you attempt to cut out as many carbs as possible and eat very healthy. I have since been trying to find ways to still make things I used to and not use the things I used to. CONFUSING, right?! So, tonight I attempted to make these muffins with flax seed meal...big mistake they were gross. So, now as I type the second attempt at a muffin is cooling. I made the muffins this time with almond and coconut flour...hopefully they will taste better than the last attempt. I might even make these into a strawberry shortcake if I like the recipe. So far we have tried almond pancakes, flaxseed crackers with parmesan, and biscuits made with egg and coconut flour (those tasted good...sort of like a bisquit scrambled egg!) I will keep you updated on the many attempts of low carb baking. I am sure that I will have many is a lot of fun to experiment!

Ugghhh...second part of this post is that I have to dress up for stupid Halloween tomorrow. Yes, I said tomorrow (which isn't even Halloween) which is when my work does their dress up day. The highlight of the day (well there are truly two) is that my husband will be wearing a mullet and my son will be dressed like a tiger! Too much fun...Wish me luck!

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Melissa said...

I'm glad you have shared your cooking with me!
I realized today you commented my blog so thank you very much!!

I hope you have a most wonderful Sunday!